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All in Abyss: Judge the Fake is an adventure role-playing video game developed by ACQUIRE and WSS playground, and published by Alliance Arts.


…for every victor who gains it all

…there is a loser, left with nothing.

In this game, you adventure to become a successful gambler by challenging others at the game of Texas Hold’em Poker.

—poker battles.

Texas Hold’em

In this game you will challenge others in a one-versus-one battle of a variant of poker called Texas Hold’em.

Texas Hold’em is a popular variation of poker where players are dealt two cards each and use a combination of those cards and five community cards to make the best possible five-card hand.

Activate Skills

The “gambling prodigy” Asuha is capable of turning the tides of battle using various skills, sourcing from her aptitude in gambling.

Limit the opponent’s play, gain insight beyond their hand, and much more… stay victorious with skills that expand the pool of decision-making.


“All-In” is a command that puts all chips on the table and your life as a gambler on the line.
Use various means to put yourself in a favorable position, and use this command to slam the final nail in the coffin.

Showdown vs. The Witches

A “Witch” is a Boss Character present in each chapter of the game.

All Witches excel at poker, but with enough preparation, the player can expose the Witches’ fraudulent acts and sink them to the depths of hell with a deadly All-In.

The City

The scene is set in The City, where various information can be gathered.

Find sources to help unveil the secrets behind the Witches’ cheats and frauds to achieve sweet vengeance.

Out of cash? The City abounds with gamblers, challenge them in poker to earn some buck.

Be careful though, as losses may lead you into the depths …

Expose the Witches’ Hand

Your finesse in poker may earn you some cash in The City, but the Witches—who rule the districts, will not allow for a fair victory. Their methods of cheating seems to be fool-proof, but the evidence you uncover will say otherwise.

Explore every inch of the city and expose the cheaters of their tricks.


Asuha Senahara, a self-proclaimed genius gambler, is a wanderer.

Amidst the tables of cards and dice, it is she alone who snatches the chips at stake.

One day, she learns of the “gambling district,” a special ward where gambling holds influence above all else.

The “Witches”—a group of the most extraordinary gamblers rule over the place—treat Asuha to the taste of defeat; something she was unfamiliar with.
They exercised not luck, not skill, but dirty tricks, such that felled Asuha to the depths of the abyss.

As a self-proclaimed genius gambler, Asuha becomes determined to take down the Witches.

The Coliseum is the battlefield. The challenger is Asuha Senahara. The chips are on the table, and the Witches are ready to be exposed.


  • Asuha Senahara – Self-proclaimed genius gambler. A failure of a human being, but has a strong resolve and is determined when it comes to gambling. A pretty young lady on the cover, a middle-aged old man on the inside.
  • Mina – Savior of the freshly-defeated Asuha. Has good eye sight.
  • Uru – The First Witch. Uses her mysterious powers to easily defeat Asuha. Loves snacks and sweets.


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  • May 25, 2024

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