Yunyun Syndrome!? Rhythm Psychosis

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Yunyun Syndrome!? Rhythm Psychosis is a rhythm adventure video game developed by WSS playground and WHO YOU, and published by WSS playground and Alliance Arts.


Yunyun Syndrome!? Rhythm Psychosis is a rhythm adventure game about a psychotic hikikomori girl—also an avid anonymous poster—who corrupts the world with her severe brain rot from listening to too many denpa songs. Yunyun all over this ♡♡♡♡ world with your degen otaku-posting.

High and vibin’ with denpa songs, we’ll corrupt the entire Internet! Hehe. all we need is a bit of otaku love, that’s all.

This is a rhythm-adventure game where you play as a hikikomori (shut-in) girl who’s high on denpa songs. Become Yunyun-brained and lose all self-control to anonymously post on social media and destroy the world with your Yunyun brain rot.
Have a Doki-Doki experience with over 30 denpa songs and multiple endings.

  • Q. Why did she become a hikikomori?
  • Q. How does anonymous online posting lead to world destruction?
  • Q. Does a happy ending exist for a degenerate otaku?

The answers to those “Q’s” lie at the convergence of insanity and denpa psychosis. Now, put those headphones on and become ill with Yunyun Syndrome!? Rhythm Psychosis.

Groove to the DENPA!

  • Anonymously Post Online and Infect the Whole World with Yunyun-Brain! – Get high on denpa songs and sink in the depths of social media!! Browse social media at the start of the song to check up on your Yunyun cult and haters. And then prepare for the climax where you can start dropping posts left and right. Successfully posting will cause other social media users to become psychotically Yunyun-ified. Social media is all about sharing – spread your heartful psychosis to everyone else!


  • Qtie – The main character. A hikikomori. She suffered too much irl that she’s become a little (very) fuzzy in the head. Her obsessive love for the fictional character “Yunyun” is for sure an illness. Her overly “high” state from overdosing denpa songs causes her to propagate Yunyun love. Will there really be a happy end for such a degenerate otaku?
  • Yunyun – A fictional character that loves Qtie. A very much angelic devil. She will speak to Qtie through the monitor screen. Whilst the truth is unknown, most likely, she is just a figment of Qtie’s imagination. It’s joever for her.

About Denpa Songs!

“Denpa” is a genre of music that is intentionally strange and catchy. All playable songs in this game are denpa songs. Many popular denpa songs such as “it’s a cherry kissing explosion” (Sakuranbo Kiss) and many more are featured!

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  • May 25, 2024

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