You Will Die Here Tonight

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Oct 31 2023
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You Will Die Here Tonight is a survival horror video game developed and published by Spiral Bound Interactive.


Play as each member of the elite Aries Division, separated by mysterious forces. Explore the mansion and seamlessly switch to pulse-pounding arcade combat when running is no longer an option.

Your teammates will die, but their actions and decisions carry forward, empowering—or endangering—whoever remains. You Will Die Here Tonight is a survival horror game inspired by the golden age of the genre with a unique twist: Death is only the beginning of your story.

Key Features

  • A Modern Upgrade to a Classic Formula – A love-letter to survival and action horror classics, You Will Die Here Tonight seamlessly blends top-down exploration with visceral, heart-stopping first-person arcade shooter combat.
  • A Cursed Estate – Explore Breckenridge Estate, a cursed 19th century mansion with a tragic history. Uncover the sinister and cruel reality of the place, where nothing is what it seems.
  • Life or Death Decisions – Fight or flee deadly enemies. Carefully manage scarce resources. Solve challenging puzzles. Purchase weapons and upgrades. Your decisions will influence the rest of the game. Take what you need but leave some for the others.
  • Death is Inevitable – But with every death, your actions and decisions will carry forward to empower or endanger whoever remains. Can you embrace the death of your team to uncover the truth, or will all of their sacrifices have been in vain?

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