Wonderputt Forever

Rogue Games
Damp Gnat
Release Dates
(iOS, Android) Worldwide
Dec 4 2021
(PC) Worldwide
Dec 2 2022

Wonderputt Forever is sports video game developed by Damp Gnat and published by Rogue Games.


A world of wonder awaits in Wonderputt Forever, an adventurous mini-golf game with unique evolving levels and three different gameplay modes to explore in this follow-up to the critically acclaimed Wonderputt.

Look back on the past and witness the world-shaping effects of human ambition and development as the ages of humankind pass from undeveloped jungle to futuristic sky cities as you putt your way to the top for a high score. Earn achievements, discover collectibles, and unlock rewards for even more gameplay.

Key Features

  • An Un-fore-gettable Game – Experience a nostalgia trip to places you’ve never been before, exploring the main story of the ages of humankind through hypnotic transformations and eye-catching art. Plan your shots carefully and sink the ball in a mini-golf game with hundreds of unique levels.
  • Par for the Course – Natural habitats contort into underwater parks, wildlife stacks into animal towers, mushroom clouds become cloud cities with gift shop mazes, and twisting black holes curve in space. 54 environments tell the stories of each human age of development.
  • From Bogey to Birdie – Sit back and curl up with three different game modes for a variety of puzzles to explore. Par Mode is the main attraction, refine your par performance to claim your spot on the leaderboards as the story unfolds. Unlock Relic Mode to journey through the main courses again with a new goal in mind: recovering DNA to bring life back to the island. Then keep the fun going with hundreds of geometric-themed holes in the Geometry Trips mode.

Wonderputt Forever Trailers