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UFO Robot Grendizer is a video game developed by Endroad and published by Microids.


Grendizer is developed by the French development studio Endroad, made up of experienced developers formerly at Ubisoft or Amplitude Studios. Additionally, the renown art and creative director Laurent Cluzel will lend a hand in the production of the game. Alongside Laurent, Philippe “Golgoth71” Dessoly, Ocean Software veteran (where he started in 1989) and Grendizer‘s official artist for five years, will also pitch in to support the creative efforts on the game’s art style.

Based on the famous anime adapted from Go Nagai’s manga UFO Robot Grendizer, this new action game will grant nostalgic gamers the chance to play as Duke Fleet and his great robot, and enjoy epic adventures. A unique opportunity to dive head first into an iconic pop culture universe filled with bravery, treason, and sensational battles!

The cult animated series was one of the first successful exports of Japanese animation around end of the 70s. We all remember the iconic battles and the Grendizer‘s weaponry used to defeat King Vega’s forces, launching attacks on Earth from its secret base hidden on the dark side of the moon. Are you ready for a legendary comeback?

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  • October 28, 2021

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