Touhou Fan-Made Virtual Autography

Release Dates
(PC) Worldwide
Mar 20 2021
(Switch) Japan
Nov 24 2022
Japanese Title
東方覚醒珠 ~ Fan-made Virtual Autography.
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Touhou Fan-Made Virtual Autography is a shoot ’em up video game developed and published by Northern Mind. The Switch version is published by Mediascape.


Dichromatic balls suddenly show up in Gensokyo and gained immense popularity!

Did you think this was going to be another JRPG or location-based game? No, this is a bullet hell game!

Start your journey full of dreams and adventures, and get ready for original characters! They have been waiting for you!

(This game is a derivative game based on Touhou Project. Touhou Project is a bullet hell game series made by Team Shanghai Alice.)

A Fusion of Shoot ‘Em Up and Mobile JRPG

A derivative bullet hell game designed based on Touhou Project official shoot ’em ups. If you’re still waiting for the next Touhou Project official shoot ’em up to come out, this may be the perfect game for you right now!

And this isn’t just an ordinary PC game—you’ll experience mobile game-like gameplay like you’re playing on PC and smartphone at the same time!

While you’re playing the bullet hell game, fairies will be fighting for you by your side in a JRPG format!


Map Orb Game is a game that gained immense popularity in Gensokyo at the end of the year. It’s a game where players capture fairies with dichromatic balls called “Map Orbs” and use them to fight over territories for their factions.

Map Orbs can be obtained from marked spots all over Gensokyo. Because of their wide distribution and rising popularity, humans are starting to step into the depths of the mountains, and youkai are invading villages non-stop just to get the orbs.

As the situation escalated, three humans have readied themselves to deal with it:

  • A shrine maiden whose responsibility is to maintain the order of Gensokyo.
  • A magician who simply wants to study unknown games.
  • And… a high school girl who knows better than anyone about starting incidents that spread balls.

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