Release Dates
(Switch) Worldwide
Nov 11 2021
(iOS, Android) Worldwide
Jun 17 2022
Japanese Title
Official Website

TIMINGooo! is a rhythm / action video game developed and published by MAGES.


Rhythm can open the doors of hell! Let’s escape hell by getting into the rhythm.

A man who accidentally falls into hell goes on a journey through hell to train his sense of rhythm…

Five unusual circles of hell, each a different music genre.

This is an easygoing rhythm game, where you can play as each of the odd characters that inhabit these circles as they give themselves over to the rhythm of the music.

You use only two buttons.

You can enjoy this game even if you are not good at rhythm games, because you don’t need complex controls. All you need to do is push buttons in time with the rhythm and music!

TIMINGooo! Trailers