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The Heroes Around Me is a visual novel developed and published by OKJOY.


The Heroes Around Me is a short story about the old days, in which the father shouldered the burden of the family and gave his sick daughter the happiest childhood, as well as the trivial life matters, goals, and pursuits of the neighbors and friends hidden in the streets and lanes.

Key Features

  • Time Reappears, Childhood Memories Revive – The background of the story is that the author lived in China in the 1990s. In the gradually well-off era, all kinds of old objects and old shops were perfectly presented in a picture of pixel style. It elaborately depicts the environment of China in the 1990s; every picture was carefully prepared that players can’t help but immerse in it.
  • Original Music Brings You Comfortable Experience – Melodious original harmonica sound, recorded music by music masters. The notes moving with the wind swing on the field of the township. It enables players to feel the golden waves and rice fields in the beautiful music, and create the most comfortable game atmosphere for them. After gradually pulling the progress bar, the scene lines suddenly become profound and enlightening with the music.
  • Concise Dialogue, Rich Foreshadowing – In the concise dialogue with people around you, you can skillfully get a lot of foreshadowing hidden in words; the real emotions come out slowly, and more stories are hidden in every detail of the game. When you tap slowly and relish carefully, you will gradually find that we are telling a warm story.
  • Interactive Operation, Childhood Games – In the process of plot exploration, rich interactive games are interspersed, recreating the playing scenes in the old-fashioned game machines in childhood, recording those once beautiful game times and returning to the 1990s.

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  • October 12, 2021

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