Summer Time Rendering: Another Horizon

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Jan 26 2023
Japanese Title
サマータイムレンダAnother Horizon
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Summer Time Rendering: Another Horizon is a visual novel video game developed and published by MAGES.


Shinpei Ajiro returns to his hometown of Hitogashima after two years to attend the funeral of his childhood friend Ushio Kofune.

While reuniting with Ushio’s younger sister Mio and best friend Sou, he learns about Ushio’s mysterious cause of death and the legend of the “shadow disease” passed down through the ages.

The legend of the shadows—it is said that anyone who sees a shadow with their appearance will die. Ushio was said to have seen that shadow.

The shadows of death haunt Shinpei and his friends. Eventually, the day of despair visits Hitogashima.

“How can we save our friends, protect the islanders, and avoid death?…”

Shinpei is forced to constantly think and make decisions in order to avoid despair, but every choice may only open a new door to despair.

But he cannot afford to stop thinking and making decisions. To overcome the three days of despair.

Key Features

  • Original Stories and Ending – In addition to the main story that retells the events of the TV anime, there are six original stories supervised by the editorial department, plus an original ending. A one-of-a-kind story you can only experience in the game.
  • Featuring a New Character Designed by Yasuki TanakaSummer Time Rendering author Yasuki Tanaka has designed a game-original character named Kaori Koyuba (voiced by Yui Ogura). How will this idol’s arrival on the island change the story? That answer is for the player to discover. (Read more about her here.)
  • Unique Game Systems – In order to reproduce the crafty story mechanics of the original Summer Time Rendering, the game utilizes unique adventure game systems such as “TIPS Branching” and “Action Branching.” It also incorporates a large number of graphics from the TV anime to create an anime-esque visual experience.

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