Release Dates
(iOS, Android) Japan
Nov 5 2015
(PC) Japan
Nov 12 2015
(iOS, Android) Worldwide
Nov 24 2017
(PC) Worldwide
Dec 8 2017
(PS5, PS4, Switch) Japan
Oct 13 2022
Japanese Title
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Stand by You is a visual novel developed and published by Water Phoenix.


One day, high school student Kyouya awakens to find that the world has changed.

He is unable to move, buildings are deserted, and the wasteland is never-ending.

According to a girl passing by, the world has come to an end.

Unwilling to believe her, Kyouya travels the ruined world with the girl in search of life.

—–But the girl has a “mission.”

To atone for humanity’s sins, she must continue to die.

Several times, dozens of times, hundreds of times, thousands of times, and tens of thousands of times… she dies and comes back to life.

As Kyouya spends time with the girl who knows only pain, he wants to show her happiness.

Just him and her in a ruined world.

A journey to survive with the girl who continues to die.


  • Kyouya – The protagonist. He wakes up in an unfamiliar room and is unable to move his body.
  • Asagiri (voiced by Mayu Matsushiro) – A girl who calls herself “human.” She goes on a journey alone in a ruined world to fulfill a “mission.”

Play Time

Play time is about three-to-five hours.

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