Scar of the Doll (2022)

Release Dates
Aug 18 2022
Japanese Title
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Scar of the Doll (2022) is a horror visual novel video game developed and published by Mista Stories and Mamekujira.


December. The last few days of the year in Tokyo. Asumi Kamijou, who has come to the city on her own, is the protagonist of this story.

The story rapidly unfolds over the seven days between December 18 and 24.

Asumi had lost all contact with her older sister, who is attending graduate school in Tokyo. Concerned, she visits Tokyo to ensure her sister is safe.

However, there was no trace of her sister at her laboratory, nor at the apartment where she should be living. At a loss, Asumi wonders what happened to her sister…

Asumi is determined to track down her sister. But she has no way of knowing the horrors she is about to face.

As a psycho horror that combines both intense drama and dread, Scar of the Doll is highly acclaimed in various circles. It draws the player in with an authentic scenario that has been featured in mystery magazines, expressive characters, and sounds that enhance the production.

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