Royal Anapoko Academy

Release Dates
Dec 16 2021
Japanese Title
王立 穴ポコ学園
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Royal Anapoko Academy is a role-playing video game developed and published by Ancient.


A delightful, short scenario-style RPG featuring highly strategic battles in which you can enjoy reading the enemy. An enjoyable new age RPG in which you can enjoy generation-style character growth over three years until graduation.

A world full of mysteries that spread at the base of Anapoko… During their three years at the academy, the students will grow as they explore the underground world. The experience they gain there will be passed on to the incoming freshman as a new source of strength…

While Royal Anpoko Academy offers the ease of play of existing RPGs, it is built upon a different approach. On the field, movement and combat play out seamlessly, with enemies drawing nearer each turn. Utilize skills such as those that hinder the enemy’s actions to gain the upper hand in battle, or use the “See All” command to learn the details of the enemy’s actions before the battle begins to outsmart them.

The four-panel manga by up-and-coming mangaka Ayami Morinaga about the 100-plus students’ school lives will fill out the story.

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