Refind Self: The Personality Test Game

Release Dates
Nov 14 2023
Japanese Title
Refind Self: 性格診断ゲーム
Traditional Chinese Title
憶我: 一個性格測試遊戲

Refind Self: The Personality Test Game is an adventure video game developed by Lizardry and published by PLAYISM.


All players approach games in varied ways, making different choices.

No one ever plays in exactly the same way. Indeed, how a person plays can be an indicator of their personality…

And Refind Self is a game where you can learn all about that personality.


You are an android. The story begins with you standing at the grave of the Doctor who created you. The world is populated by robots in various forms, created for numerous purposes.

Travel to places key to your memories of the Doctor, interact with the robots, and unravel the secrets behind the future the Doctor sought and what you were entrusted with.

Important Characters

  • Protagonist – The player, a robot created by the Doctor as an EAI: an AI that can take action based on emotions.
  • Dull – A robot clerk at the café. Always lazy due to misconfiguration by the Doctor.
  • GoGo Scrap – A robot that collects scraps. Sociable and boylike.
  • Inori – A shepherd robot created to carry out orders.

How to Play

Go wherever you feel like, converse, investigate, play minigames… Simply play as you please. There are no game overs, and there’s no right or wrong way to progress.

With each action you take, your personality will be analyzed. Once analysis is 100% complete… Congratulations, you’ve beaten the game! Your personality results will then be revealed.

If you want to know more about your personality, you can go back to play again and again. Of course, this also goes for those who want to know the truth of the story.

Personality Comparison and Sharing

Your test results are stored in an online database, and you’ll be issued a unique results ID. You can share your results ID, and view others’ results to compare them with your own.

Perhaps similar personalities mean good compatibility? That’s another way of having fun with your results.

*Test result data does not include any personal identifiable information.

Examples of Possible Personalities

  • Adventurer (Passion) – One dedicated to going where none have gone, and doing what may be impossible.
  • Leader (Morals) – A proactive and responsible sort, who keeps promises and fulfills duties.
  • Planner (Methods) – A meticulous sort who does anything they can to prepare and increase odds of success.
  • Sage (Daring) – One who always prepares for possible crises; better to reliably avoid loss than to chance gain.
  • Samurai (Judgment) – A strong-willed sort who doesn’t hesitate, sticking to their first decision

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