Release Dates
(iOS, Android) Worldwide
Dec 31 2020
(Switch, PC) Worldwide
Fall 2023
Japanese Title
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Rainbow Sea is an adventure video game developed and published by Shirokurohitsuji.


Rainbow Sea is a somewhat disquieting pixel-arts adventure with attractive character designs of the Seven Lucky Gods and a compelling scenario. The player will be a “Human” who has been chosen as a candidate for a god, and spends a year developing relationships with the Seven Lucky Gods. Not everyone will open up to you right from the start, and as you interact with them, you will begin to see what they are dealing with. There are more than 100 different events and 22 endings.


You are waking up in an empty room with nothing but the sound of waves. While you are thinking about why you are here, you are spoken to by yourself in a mirror. The mirror teaches you to tell a lie. And then soon it keeps silent again.

When you leave the room, you meet people who call themselves the Seven Lucky Gods. According to one of them, Daikoku, you are a “Human” chosen to become a god. Most of them do not seem to welcome your sudden appearance.

Will you become a god in the year that the treasure ship returns to the human world, or…? A mysterious year with the Seven Lucky Gods begins.


Move freely in the treasure ship with keystrokes to talk to characters and examine objects on the ship.

Events will begin when you meet certain conditions such as affection from the characters, weather, and time of day. During the event, you can change the story with choices. You can also choose to lie, which will determine not only the present and future, but also the events of the past.

In the game, every second in reality passes as a minute, and the time of action is from 6:00 12:00 a.m. One year later, in January, you will reach the final ending of the game, depending on the events you have seen and their affections.

You can play a round of the game in about two to three hours.

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