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Project Code Name M is a visual novel developed and published by NOVECT.


Project Code Name M is a new mystery adventure game set in the downtown Tokyo of modern Japan. You, the player, create murder scenes as a killer, and pursue the truth of serial murder case as a sleuth.

Traditional Adventure-Style Detective Parts and Special Murder Parts

In detective parts, the player pursues the mystery of the case in an adventure game style where the player moves around the map, investigating and asking people.

In murder parts, the player becomes the murderer in a special game part where the player plans and executes various perfect crimes, such as completing a locked room murder or faking a suicide note.

The protagonist, who works for a corpse disposal business, takes on a series of murders in downtown Tokyo in modern Japan.

Along with the protagonist, who works for a corpse disposal company, the story explores Asakusa and Yoshiwara, downtown Tokyo in modern Japan, to solve a serial murder case.

While depicting the dark side of Japan, including the Japanese underworld, the story follows the mysteries with a total of over 20 fascinating characters.
We are working hard to develop this game so that players can enjoy the exciting suspense and the thrill of solving a mystery.

Opening Theme “The Sheep in the Slaughterhouse” Also Available at the Same Time

The new song “The Sheep in the Slaughterhouse” by Yusuke Tsutsumi, a talented musician who has provided soundtracks for numerous Japanese dramas and movies, and singer tetem. launched on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music on May 13.

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  • May 13, 2022

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