Power Chord

Release Dates
(PC) Worldwide
Jan 26 2023
(Switch) Worldwide
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Power Chord is a roguelite deckbuilder video game developed and published by Big Blue Bubble.


Power Chord is a rock ‘n roguelite deck-building time-resetting battle against the demon gangs of Helmoth.

Rock ‘n Roguelite

Assemble Earth’s mightiest musicians, each with their own unique cards and gear, to fight your way through the hordes and destroy the only guitar powerful enough to reopen the scratch between worlds.

Kick Demon Butt

Choose from a diverse cast of kick-ass characters to assemble your band, with each member having their own unique set of cards and playstyles. Combo your different band members’ cards to unleash devastating attacks and shred your opponents.

Assemble Your Band

Be careful though because if a band member falls in battle you’ll lose them and access to their cards in future battles until you revive them at a pit stop.
Discover new cards as you bar brawl stage-to-stage, unlocking new strategies to take down demons and strengthening your instruments of destruction. Choose your way through a branching path filled with battles, merchants, random encounters, and valuable rest locations to heal and revive fallen characters.

Build Your Deck

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