One-inch Tactics

Kogado Studio
Release Dates
May 20 2024
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One-inch Tactics is a strategy video game developed by Kogado Studio and published by KOMODO.


Turn the tide of the war with nuanced strategies in One-inch Tactics.

Now available, One-inch Tactics introduces players to a unique turn-based strategy experience.

Kogado Studio, recognized for its simulation games in the early days of PC gaming, has taken on the challenge of simplicity in this title.

Beneath the game’s simple design lies a deep, strategic complexity.

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled enjoyment of strategy.

Intuitive, simple and smooth operation.

Featuring an interactive 3D playing field, the game resembles a multidimensional board game, creating a relaxed, tabletop gaming atmosphere.

Choose from a variety of missions.

Traverse mountains, urban areas, fortresses, and more, making sure to use the right equipment for each setting.

Keep in mind line of sight and line of fire as your strategy will have to take into account hilltops, cliff shadows and shields.

Carefully search for and uncover the enemy position to gain the upper hand in your operations.

Each pilot has their own strengths and weaknesses.

It’s important to organize your squad to make the most of their characteristics.


  • Planning / Production: KOGADO STUDIO
  • Executive Producer: Ippei Tani
  • Producer: Takanori Kitagawa, Chizuru Fuke
  • Program: Kazuma Funayama
  • Production Manager: Keisuke Kawai
  • Graphic Supervisor: Kohei Yamada
  • 3D Model Production: PUNKT
  • 2D Graphics: Yaski
  • Galactor Design: Arisa
  • Music: Yasuhito Saito

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