Ninja Soldier

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    Ninja Soldier is a shoot ’em up developed and published by M2.


    Now is the era of Sengoku, when there were people who were called Shinobi. They live in the hidden village and train hard every day. They serve Inugami (the Dog Deity) as the god of the village and save the world from Youkai (Japanese Monsters).

    One day, the time has come for Inugami. To keep mysterious power, Inugami needs to regenerate. At Inugami’s regeneration, since it loses its mysterious power, a ritual was held in secret. Untill it grew up, the maiden Shinobi was applied to take care of Inugami. The Inugami was growing up well and the malden Shinobi, Komomo, was also growing up as a Shinobi.

    After a few years, the peace was broken by an unknown enemy… Youkai from different dimensions invaded the hidden village and kidnapped the Inugami. Their purpose is revive the evil god by using Inugami’s mysterious power.

    In the midst of the confusion, one Shinobi flew off to chase the Youkai. To crush the ambition of the Youkai, to save the world, and to save the life of irreplaceable friend…


    • Komomo – The player. A girl who grew up in Shinobi Village. She has a sense of justice and fights against the Youkai.
    • Azami – A friend of Komomo’s. To become a strong Shinobi, she left the village a few years ago.
    • Kuhga / Vapor Trail – Komomo’s partner. He can use Shinobi magic and divide himself.
    • Hanako / Christine – Inugami / the guardian of the village. She is loved by the villagers.

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