NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection Vol. 2

Release Dates
Nov 9 2022

NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection Vol. 2 is a video game collection developed and published by SNK Corporation.


The second wave of the dream collection is here! Ten new NEOGEO Pocket Color masterpieces are included!

  • This collection contains ten titles in total, including four that are currently sold separately—meaning six new titles have been added!
  • Play through a varied lineup of genres from sports, puzzles, table games, and more!
  • Features Re-wind functions so game overs are a thing of the past!


  • Baseball Stars Color (English, Japanese)
  • Big Bang Pro Wrestling (English, Japanese)
  • Biomotor Unitron (English, Japanese)
  • Ganbare Neo Poke-Kun (Japanese)
  • The King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise (Japanese)
  • Mega Man Battle & Fighters (Japanese)
  • NEOGEO Cup ’98 Plus Color (English, Japanese)
  • Pocket Tennis Color (English, Japanese)
  • Puzzle Link2 (English, Japanese)
  • SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters’ Clash (English, Japanese)


  • The manuals included in the game are from the original NEOGEO Pocket Color versions. Therefore, some of the controls may vary on the Switch and Steam versions.
  • Modes other than VS that require LINK functions are not enabled.
  • For some titles, different save data will be created for each supported language (English, Japanese).

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