Mearstale: Our Little Item Shop

Japanese Title
メーアステイル 小さな国のアイテム屋さん

Mearstale: Our Little Item Shop is a strategy adventure video game developed by Fantasy Factory and published by Kodansha.


Mearstale: Our Little Item Shop is a national strategy adventure game where you become the lord of the country and develop the town significantly. Sell ​​everything from stones to real estate, build buildings, and sometimes interact with people to explore the world within a given period of time.

A Different Experience Each Time You Play

Buildings and powerful items will appear randomly, so each time you play, your strategy will change and you can enjoy it like roguelike. Depending on your play style.

The way the country develops will change, and a different world will spread.


Your other purpose is to chase after the suspicious disappearance of the former lord. Focus on interacting with the characters and unravel many mysteries. If you find a former lord, you may be able to restore a declining country, even if your lord’s skills are not good enough. By promoting exchanges and getting to know someone, you can see different paths.

Key Features

  • Always last-minute store management.
  • Roguelike town building with over 150 types of buildings.
  • You can buy and sell over 300 types of items.
  • Over 60 unique items will greatly change your play style.
  • A story woven by more than 10 attractive characters.
  • Equipped with four game modes that change the feeling of play.

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  • November 5, 2021