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Maid Cafe at Electric Street is a simulation / visual novel video game developed by Adventurer’s Tavern and published by PLAYISM.


Maid Cafe at Electric Street is a role-playing game featuring the themes of love, adventure, and simulation. It is developed by Adventurer’s Tavern, an indie game team in Shanghai, China.

You will become the manager of the maid cafe and bring fantastic experiences to the guests.

After work, you can talk with the maid staffs of the cafe, have a good relationship with them, or watch movies, play games, discuss about life… And maybe you can join their girls night?

Besides, you can spend a lot of time at the electric street. You can see people coming and going and the changes of the four seasons.

Go shopping in the electric street, decorate your cafe, or buy some games and comics, and go back to share with girls.

You can go to the Arcade center and play games, or go to a card shop to buy popular trading cards.

If you see a lovely girl in the street, you may find a way to invite her as a maid staff of your cafe.

Of course, you can just wander in the street and see what people are talking about. I’m sure there will be topics of interest to you.

We have been trying to figure out how to define the word “otaku,” but it has been difficult to figure it out.

But for us, the answer may be that there is our “secret base,” where we find comfort in our hearts and the courage to fight against the world.

Therefore, we have created a lifestyle we have always dreamed of. I hope you will like it too.

You Should Play This Game If…

  • …you are a otaku and you love otaku culture, and love to see all kinds of anime, comics, and game-related elements.
  • …you like maid culture and all kinds of uniforms from anime, comics, and game.
  • …you love waifus in the game… hope a sweetheart can wake you up in the morning (unfortunately, there is no such role in the game… but there are similar ones!).
  • …you love pixel art style games.

If at least one of the above points satisfies you, we hope you try this game.

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