Release Dates
(PC) Early Access
Jun 9 2022
(Switch, PC) Worldwide
Jul 18 2023

Madshot is a side-scrolling roguelite shooter video game developed by Overflow and published by HOOK.


Madshot is a fast-paced, acrobatic, roguelite shooter. Survive the ever-changing road through Cthulhu and beyond. Equip endless upgrade combinations as you fight your way through horrific monsters and multi-phased boss battles.

Key Features

  • Cthulhu Heard the Call – In search of eternal life, you invited forces beyond your understanding. You must invade that abominable eldritch mountain of slushy nastiness known as Cthulhu. Be it your atonement or damnation.
  • You Are in Control – Doge, roll, dash, wall jump, Backflip, frontflip, hang from ropes, and keep on shooting while doing it. Madshot offers a really fluid and responsive movement where you’re always in control to create intense and cool moments.
  • Slaughter Your Way to Cthulhu – There’s a multitude of areas that each offer unique enemies and mechanics.
    Kill enough enemies to charge a blood portal that summons rewards and a path to the next area and then survive epic and dreadful multi-phased boss battles.
  • Create Lethal Combinations – There’s a big focus on synergies between Weapons, sidearms, upgrades, and ultimate abilities that you can combine to make each run unique and fun.

Madshot Trailers