Hana Awase New Moon

Release Dates
Oct 26 2023
Japanese Title
華アワセ 朔

Hana Awase New Moon is an otome visual novel video game developed by WoGa and published by dramatic create.


From the illustrator at the forefront of otome content, Yura, and Project Tsuki ni Murakumo, Hana ni Kaze, comes a forbidden love story between “flowers” and “water” with a hanafuda motif.

The popular otome game where you can enjoy both a traditional visual novel and hanafuda battles is coming to Nintendo Switch!

What is Hana Awase New Moon?

This work will be the title of the transplant of all four volumes of the PC version of Hana Awase released from 2012 to 2019. In Hana Awase New Moon: Mizuchi Volume a story centered on Mizuchi (voiced by Jun Fukuyama) and the main character unfolds.

Nintendo Switch Edition Added Content

  • Includes a new original short story.
  • Multilingual (Japanese, English, Traditional/Simplified Chinese)
  • The hanafuda battle system will be a combination from all four games with a renewed design to make it even easier to play.

Story: Mizuchi Volume, Himeutsugi Volume, Karakurenai / Utsutsu Volume, Iroha Volume

Flowers bloom through a maiden’s prayer…

Kasen, a card game played with hanafuda cards.

Only those with certain abilities, “Kaei,” can harness the unique power of the flowers.

They are primarily male, and the five most powerful individuals at the academy are revered as the “Five Brights.”

This game unfolds on the stage of the Kasen National Academy, where uniquely talented individuals are produced.It is the story of the Five Brights, and the maidens devoted to them.


(Some character settings vary from story to story.)

  • Mizuchi (voiced by Jun Fukuyama) – He’s no-nonsense and not one to be flexible. He has a passionate side and will devote himself completely to those he loves, but he’ll chase down a traitor with a merciless cruelty.
  • Iroha (voiced by Takuma Terashima) – Everything about him exudes grace. Just one look and everyone falls for his charm. He’s stoic and has little interest in the everyday world. Emotions rarely show on his face.
  • Karakurenai (voiced by Satoshi Hino) – He’s belligerent with a taste for blood and brawls. He’s full of himself and likes to press people’s buttons. Self-centered in all things, he’s especially possessive.
  • Himeutsugi (voiced by Shinnosuke Tachibana) – He’s extremely sociable and can get along with anyone, male or female. He prioritizes others over himself and can be too empathetic at times.
  • Utsutsu (voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama)*Only the Karakurenai / Utsutsu and Iroha editions will appear. He was selected as a Gokou when he became a second year, but went missing after that. Very few people know of him.
  • Mikoto (not voiced) – *Only first name can be changed. She isn’t very skilled, but she’s the type to dive in head first and she knows the world of Hana Awase, and becomes fully immersed in it. Her hobbies are cooking, sewing, and card games.

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