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GUN JAM is a rhythm-based first-person shooter video game developed by Jaw Drop Games and published by Raw Fury.


GUN JAM is a fast-paced rhythm first-person shooter where the player must shoot to the beat to survive.

Welcome to the city where the omni-present ‘Beat’ means everything and music is used as a means of control. While city-dwellers dance to The Speaker’s ruling tune, you must rebel and break out of its hypnotic flow by force.

In GUN JAM, an original, multi-genre soundtrack propels you across varied environments in the vibrant city of “Mubel.” Carefully match your shots to the beat pattern and fight off hordes of tranced-out troopers and other enemies to survive the musical dystopia and restore freedom to the masses.

Key Features

  • A unique beat-pattern shooting mechanic.
  • Firefights are synced to an original, multi-genre soundtrack.
  • Adapt to different music, environments, and enemies as you progress.
  • Campaign and arcade game modes.
  • An immersive art style and vibrant surroundings that react to the music.

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