Guardians of Elderon

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Guardians of Elderon is a free-to-play real-time strategy video game developed by Ablaze Interactive and Play Joy, and published by PID Games.


Guardians of Elderon is a free-to-play combat-focused base builder game. Here you get to create your very own fantasy base, summon powerful guardians, go on unique quests and attack the base of other players to become the greatest summoner in Elderon!

Key Features

  • Overwhelm Your Opponents – Master the lands of Elderon and become the greatest summoner by using unique Guardians, spells and items, giving you tons of strategies to discover! Raid the bases of other players, eliminate their guardians, destroy their buildings and occupy their Power Cores to earn Guardian Points and resources.
  • Summon Powerful Guardians – Assemble powerful groups of guardians, your faithful warriors who defend your base and charge with you into battle. Crush your enemies by combining Guardians attributes, active abilities, and passive traits!
  • Achieve Quests in Solo – Go on unique single-player quests in diverse realms to level up your guardians, gather resources, occupy even more Power Cores, and reach special locations like the Grand Forge, the Artefact Merchant, and the Shrine of Enlightenment to gain more power !
  • Create or Join Powerful Guilds – Be part of a great community to get even more powerful items! You can trade spells and items with your guild partners and find the missing pieces to your forging recipes. One for all!
  • Build and Decorate Your Base – Protect your nexus and your power cores with your Guardians, towers, traps and the scouts. Use your resources to grow your base into an impressive fortress and make it your home with all the decorations available!

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