Fight Crab 2

Calappa Games
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Early Access
Feb 13 2024
Japanese Title
カニノケンカ -Fight Crab 2-
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Fight Crab 2 is a fighting video game developed by Calappa Games and published by PLAYISM.


In Fight Crab 2, you flip your opponents on their backs to win in crustacean wrestling action! This is the long-awaited sequel to Fight Crab. The sequel features the brand new Career Mode where you raise your very own crab, and crabs you’ve raised can be used in online multiplayer to fight against other crabs from all over the world.

Fight Crab 2 also builds upon Fight Crab‘s control scheme by adding the “Modern” control option, which is closer to a typical third-person action game. Live commentary is also broadcast over every game as an extra way to keep players on the same page. Crabs can also now learn skills that let them perform certain actions automatically. All of these help make Fight Crab 2 easier to learn and play.

The World of Fight Crab

In a land far, far away, the ultimate form of entertainment is Fight Crab—a combat sport where crustaceans fight to see who can flip over the other faster and reign superior.

Crabs are immortal gladiators and the ultimate wrestler. No matter how much damage they take, they will never fall, making them the perfect undying warrior.

In Fight Crab, the countdown only starts when a fighter’s back touches the ground, and they are finally knocked out once the three counts are over.

Now it’s time to mount your trusty crab and combine the invincible body of the Crab and the limitless wit of the Human. Use your weapons, spells, and skills to build your very own fighting style, and climb up the ranks to become champion!

Play Career Mode by Yourself

Grow alongside your crab as you climb to the top of the Crab League together! Obtain all sorts of skills and weapons and raise your stats as you proceed through your crab’s career. Win Ranked Matches to climb up the rankings, fight in Exhibitions to square off against terrible foes such as a farm tractor or a giant monster, or eliminate evil crabs in the name of justice in Event Battles to get the public to notice you! Once you’ve raised a crab, you can bring them to fight other players in online matches, or pass down their skills to another crab just starting their own career.

…Or Play Multiplayer with Friends!

Play one-on-one matches with players from all over the world. Choose from Ranked or Casual Matches and meet up in rooms that can hold up to five players. In a Room Match, you can even set your own custom house rules!

The Meat of the Crab

  • Humans – In this game, you’re not a crab. You’re a human. Naturally. You can mount a crab to control it freely, or dismount it to pick up or throw weapons, or make use of stage gimmicks to support your crab. In team battles, even if your crab gets knocked out, you can still fight on if you mount your teammate’s crab! You can also customize your appearance both in-game and by connecting to VRoid Hub to change your avatar to look however you like.
  • Weapons – Crabs can hold weapons in both pincers. From knives to chainsaws, to hopping on a motorcycle, to mighty tools such as drills and jet boosters, or fantastical weapons such as the Excalibur or Nimbus, crabs are adept at every weapon you can imagine.
  • Spells – Whenever you take damage, your Crab Gauge gradually fills up. Spend it to activate all sorts of spells, such as summoning weapons or obstacles, or simply shoot beams from your eyes. Use them to turn the tables in your favor.
  • Skills – Customize your crab with over 40 types of skills to choose from. Automatic Skills support your crab’s movement, Visualize Skills add more information to the HUD, and Hyper Skills let you unleash ultimate moves by striking a cool pose, just to name a few. Even if you’re a beginner, using the right skills could help you gain an upper hand against Fight Crab veterans!

Word from the Developer

Hi, I’m Nusso, and I’ve been making crab-related games for six years now. My last game Fight Crab was loved by many players, but then I thought, “I want even more people to play with my crabs!” and so I made this new game. I’ve polished up the physics-based flip mechanics and made the controls easier to understand, while also adding even more strategy options, customization, a good learning curve, replayability, and everything else to give an overall powered-up experience. And this game finally introduces “humans” to the world. They’re inviting you to visit the world of Fight Crab 2.

Playable Demo to be Shown at PAX West 2023!

It’s been four whole years since PLAYISM last participated in PAX West, but this year we’ll be there at Seattle, from September 1 to 4! We’ll be showcasing the very first playable demo of Fight Crab 2 at the PLAYISM booth, so please stop by the Seattle Convention Center to try it out! Visitors who try out the Fight Crab 2 demo will receive a paper fan with an original design!

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