Release Dates
May 25 2023

Dynopunk is a visual novel video game developed by Tomato Fantasy Games and published by 101XP.


Dynopunk is an ironic visual novel that combines a unique repairing simulator with the ability to directly influence your clients’ attitudes.

Imagine there was no asteroid hitting the Earth and millions of years later dinosaurs created their own society. Chris is the last surviving T Rex and all he wants is to open the repair shop of his dreams. It also wouldn’t hurt to build a time machine and travel to the past to find himself a girlfriend. Isn’t it a bit much, Chris? Just don’t throw your paws up!

Key Features

  • Influence Your Clients’ Moods to Your Advantage – Your friend came to you worried? Talk about his problems and give him some advice. But beware, he will listen to you. Or maybe a moody but rich client came to you? Just give him a drink he likes and be nice, it will pay off. On the other hand, you can badger him to see how mad he can get!
  • Repair Objects However You Want and See What Happens – For a successful gadget repair, you need to find out the breakdown causes by talking with the client, choose a suitable chip with an effect, and make it as high quality as possible. Your profit depends on your skills.
  • You Have Technical Miracle at Your Nimble Fingertips – A 3D printer that can print chips which give an object any effect. How will you utilize this? A client brings you a broken robotic vacuum: do you install a chip with internet connection to fix the navigation system, or install an intellect chip so the vacuum takes over the owner’s house?
  • Enjoy the Ironic Undertones and the Chill Vibe – Sip a cup of your favorite tea, listen to a lo-fi soundtrack, dive into characters’ stories, and make your choices. Play your own jokes on customers as well.
  • Immerse Yourself In a Unique World – World filled with history, subtext, dinosaurs, and futuristic gadgets. What more could you ask for?

Dynopunk Trailers