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DreadHaunt is a video game developed by Digital Happiness.


Join the hunts as five agents in this multiplayer cooperative play and player-versus-player about horror and deception. One of you will be possessed then become a ghost, and the others must survive the haunting!

Key Features

  • Horror and Deceptions – Play either as an agent or the demonic possessed one that is hiding among us.
  • Unique Ghost Hunting Tools – Utilizing retro equipment mixed with quirky local’s ghost hunting tools.
  • Secure. Contain. Protect! – Play as one of the Class E field agents and containment personnel to secure and establish initial containment over a designated anomalous entity, objects, or supernatural phenomenon.
  • Challenging Gameplay – In this asymmetrical multiplayer game, no two DreadHaunt play-throughs are ever the same. No one knows who will be possessed during the game, and which ghosts will appear.
  • More Content, More Scares, and No Microtransactions – Have fun selecting your favorite character skins, customize your emotes and enjoy our future updates that contain new maps, ghosts, characters, and game modes. Bringing a new level of Dread just for you. No microtransactions. Just downloadable content.

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