Devil Blade Reboot

Release Dates
May 24 2024
Japanese Title
デビルブレイド リブート

Devil Blade Reboot is a shoot ’em up video game developed and published by Shigatake Games.


Devil Blade, a 1996 indie shmup released only in Japan, gets a full remake almost a quarter century later, taking advantage of the latest technology.

An immersive pseudo-3D experience that pushes the limits of pixel art. A perfect fusion of background music and evolving stage design, only possible in a shoot ’em up! A seamless presentation that connects all scenes in one cohesive package.

“Dodge, shoot, and destroy” without any extra baggage. A stoic design concept that pursues the primitive catharsis of shoot ’em ups to the extreme.

Destroying enemies in close vicinity dramatically increases both the difficulty and your score. With the Berserk System, dangerous play is the best choice, as high risk brings high reward.

Key Features

  • 2D Pixel Art Graphics With an Obsessive Level of Detail – Rendered in the original 320×240 resolution of the classics, but with visuals that defy the limits of pixel art! Experience immersive pseudo-3D, making use of modern techniques such as multiple parallax scrolling, and zoom effects.
  • Berserk System – Dramatically increase the difficulty and score by destroying enemies in close proximity! The difficulty level varies greatly depending on your play style. From beginners who just want to clear the game, to advanced players aiming for a high score. The game is designed to be enjoyed by anyone who is interested in shoot ’em ups.
  • Retro Mode – This is an Arrange mode of Devil Blade created in Dezaemon+ (a shoot ’em up creation tool originally released for PlayStation on May 24, 1996 only in Japan) in 1996 with the Berserk system added and with the same atmosphere as the original. You can enjoy the reboot version and the retro version, both old and the new.


  • Ultra-hardcore, 100 percent pure mechanics focused vertical scrolling shoot ’em up.
  • Two types of shots and bombs—a back-to-basics play style.
  • Berserk System increases difficulty and score when enemies are destroyed close to the player.
  • Story mode to play through all six stages in order.
  • Stage select to choose any stage to replay.
  • Four levels of difficulty that can be changed at the players discretion.
  • Retro Mode that recreates the original Dezaemon+ version is included.
  • Unlockables that reward repeat playthroughs.
  • Steam achievements and global rankings.
  • Multilingual localization handled by passionate shoot ’em up fans.
  • Heavily customizable settings to tune the game to your liking.
  • Built using the dedicated shoot ’em up game engine Shooting Game Builder.
  • Intense soundtrack by hasu drives the gameplay.

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