Desta: The Memories Between

ustwo games
ustwo games
Release Dates
(iOS, Android) Worldwide
Sep 27 2022
(Switch, PC) Worldwide
Early 2023

Desta: The Memories Between is a turn-based strategy video game developed and published by ustwo games.


Desta: The Memories Between is a character-driven rogue-like, featuring an immersive story, strategic turn-based tactics and… a metaphorical ball-game?

From the creators of Monument Valley, Desta: The Memories Between is a story of broken relationships, words left unsaid and the chance to explore your own dreams for answers.

Key Features

  • Explore Unfolding Dreams – Every night, Desta falls into the mysterious dreamworld, filled with shattered remnants of locations past, memories of regret-filled relationships, and powerful orbs that can change the course of conversation.
  • Play a Surreal Ball Game – Overcome tactical challenges with perfect throws, shoot spirited trick shots and land sensational hits in turn-based sports-style encounters. As nights progress, Desta will become more experienced and attuned to this surreal world, discovering new abilities and ways to win.
  • Meet Powerful Allies – Brought to life with a full voice cast, Desta will meet all sorts of interesting and strange characters throughout their journey, all with exceptional abilities and powers, each with their own story to tell about their connection to this world
  • Introduction to Tactics – From beginning to end, being approachable is a core value of all ustwo games. Desta: The Memories Between is designed for players of all skill levels to be able to experience the full journey

This game contains themes of self-reflection, anxiety, mental health, loss of parental figures and gender identity. Player discretion is advised.

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  • June 9, 2022

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