CultureHouse is an adventure / simulation video game developed by futurala and published by Kodansha.


You will live for seven days in a residential research facility called CultureHouse, where a missing biochemist once resided, nurturing a mysterious lifeform known as Geneo.

As you progress in cultivating Geneo, you’ll engage in conversations with visiting characters related to CultureHouse and observe strange occurrences happening in the surroundings. Gradually, the serene life transforms into something peculiar.

The story, which once concluded with your death (or the world’s catastrophe), restarts from the morning of the first day when you visit CultureHouse, and the growth of Geneo takes on different forms based on the your choices.

Experiencing several catastrophic endings, you delve into the enigmatic connection between the tragic past events at CultureHouse, the world heading towards doom, and Geneo, using clues from the notes left by the biochemist and conversations with visiting characters.

CultureHouse aims to offer a mysterious experience of “living in a building once inhabited by a vanished scientist, leaving behind mysteries.” It represents an exploration of the full potential of interactive media in the form of a computer game while embracing philosophical, experimental, and artistic themes suitable for an indie challenge.

CultureHouse Trailers