Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst

Release Dates
(Xbox 360) Japan
May 29 2014
(PC) Worldwide
Jul 31 2017
(Switch) Worldwide
Sep 22 2022
(Switch) Japan
Sep 22 2022
Japanese Title
バレットソウル - インフィニットバースト -

Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst is a shoot ’em up video game developed by Tachyon and published by MAGES.


Bullet Soul is back with a new recipe: Burst! The same aggressive, bullet-cancelling gameplay, flashy pyrotechnics and addictive action, but now with refined level design, more modes and more destruction! Shooting fans of all abilities, it’s time to welcome back the true spirit of Japanese shooting games!


Infinite Burst takes the basics of Bullet Soul and adds two major enhancements: first, Burst Mode with it’s overhauled level design, brand new coin-collecting mechanics and the eponymous Combination Burst system. Secondly, Loop, the bonus character, is now available across all modes. In addition, Normal and Caravan modes have been redesigned and rebalanced with new enemies and attack patterns and when Musou (or Infinite Burst) Mode is unlocked, you can rain down destruction with the titular Infinite Burst.


The resident musical chefs, Kenji Ito and Kohta Takahashi return and this time they’ve brought Jake ‘Virt’ Kaufman to add his own blend of spice to their aural feast!


Mecha-warl, an empire of evil, who would use their military might to conquer space itself. This is the tale of the brave few who stood against their threat.

Zenichi, Yun, Sadahl and Loop begin their struggle to once more rid the galaxy of this threat.

Key Features

  • Four modes (plus one hidden) and a whole new style of play: Combination Burst.
  • Four different ships, with Loop playable across all modes.
  • Normal Mode has been re-balanced for veterans of Bullet Soul.
  • Practice and perfect your score stage by stage in Bancho Mode.
  • Caravan Mode makes a return with new enemy patterns and a new music track.
  • Resonator are back and Jake “Virt” Kaufman is on remix duty!
  • Leaderboards divided by mode & ship with friend filters.
  • Includes tate / vertical screen mode with X / Y scaling and smoothing.

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