Blizzard Arcade Collection

Release Dates
Feb 19 2021

Blizzard Arcade Collection is an arcade video game collection developed by Blizzard Entertainment and Digital Eclipse, and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It includes Blackthorne, The Lost Vikings, Lost Vikings 2, Rock N Roll Racing, and RPM Racing.


Experience a blast from Blizzard’s past! The Blizzard Arcade Collection brings three of our classic console games to modern platforms and new audiences.

Key Features

  • Included Games
    • Blackthorne – As mercenary captain Kyle Blackthorne, traverse an alien planet, liberate the Androthi people, and claim your destiny.
    • The Lost Vikings – Help three Vikings—Erik, Baleog, and Olaf—overcome challenging platforms and puzzles to find their way back home.
    • Lost Vikings 2 – The three Vikings and their new friends, Fang and Scorch, need your help again to get home.
    • Rock N Roll Racing Rock out in the raddest vehicular destruction derby this side of 1993. Rock N Roll Racing is back with original rock and metal soundtrack hits plus a few new surprises.
    • RPM Racing – Return to the racetracks with all the classic features you love and plenty of vehicular mayhem.
  • Level Up the Legacy – The Blizzard Arcade Collection contains two different Original Editions of each game plus a new Definitive Edition!
    • The Original Editions are the games as you remember them but with new quality of life improvements included—like the ability to set custom keybindings, rewind your gameplay up to 10 seconds, save and load your game as well as watch playthroughs of Blackthorne and The Lost Vikings (and then jump in to play at any point). Improvements may vary by game and game edition.
    • The Definitive Editions include all the same great gameplay content as the Original Editions plus a few additional upgrade—like enhanced local multiplayer for The Lost Vikings and Rock N Roll Racing, new songs and original artist performances for Rock N Roll Racing, a new level map for Blackthorne, localization for 12 languages, and more.
  • Visit the Museum – The Blizzard Arcade Collection Museum features a trove of treasures from each game’s past.
    • Art and Artifacts – View game boxes, illustrations, marketing materials, and more from the original era of these classic games.
    • Music Player – Listen to the in-game scores from the Original Editions of Blackthorne and The Lost Vikings.
    • Inside the Games – Take a look behind the scenes, and under the hood, of these classic games with development materials, unused content, and deep lore.
    • Interviews – Watch behind-the-scenes interviews and learn more about the developers of these classic games.

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  • February 19, 2021

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