Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT

Release Dates
Nov 24 2022
Spring 2023
Japanese Title
ブラック★ロックシューター FRAGMENT
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Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT is a video game developed by G2 Studios and published by Good Smile Company.


The newest game in the Black Rock Shooter series! Real-time operation battles where strategy is [email protected]

Black Rock Shooter has become an all-time favorite worldwide, starting from a single original illustration by Mr. huke, an illustrator, and spreading across various media.

Our newest mobile game, Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT is here!

Inspiring and constructing a new view on the story, from the original Black Rock Shooter, huke, the original creator, supervises the design!


“The end of the world suddenly begins. Extinction or survival?”

“Innocent cloud,” an information creature that lasts for decades from the mid-22th century, and war on humanity.

When humanity learned that Innocent Cloud has prepared new weapons to change this game, which was lasting for a long time, it was time to launch the Braveheart campaign.

Embark on a massive campaign aimed at destroying new weapons.

“You” will lead the “Synthetic” girls as commanders to invade the enemy facility.

So what you have seen is a girl with giant eyes, connected to a giant machine.

The runaway of new weapons puts you away with the girl in an unknown space. It was… that was the beginning of a battle journey across many “worlds.”

Real-Time Operation Battles

Elishka is a girl you have to meet in a strange world. And you’ll be calling the Synthic, who will take the command of the squad.

Meet and build a squadron with their own unique traits and lead your unit to victory in “You” tactics during real-time battles.

Flash and strategy are the keys to competition!


  • Original Work: Black Rock Shooter
  • Design Supervision: huke
  • Main Scenarios and Settings: Iichiro Shiro, Okino Okino
  • Music: TeddyLoid
  • Key Visuals: Scotty
  • Logo Design: Hiroto Suhara
  • Character Design: Ahima, Kyobanchi, Otaku, Chronoy, Genyaky, Scotty, Zenmi Book, CHANxCO, Tono field, and Fusuto

Characters and Cast

  • Elishka (voiced by Aeri)
  • Yuki Ki (voiced by Kase Ichinose)
  • Furin (voiced by Michi Ito)
  • Nara (voiced by Hontotobe)
  • Ivette (voiced by Ayane Sakura)
  • Nicola (voiced by Hisako Kim)
  • Heroes (voiced by Ground Shino)
  • Adraid (voiced by Shiori Izawa)
  • Arnese (voiced by Yoko Higasa)
  • Corva (voiced by Kana Ito)
  • Wilma (voiced by Kogae)
  • Abril (voiced by Hidosa)
  • Constance (voiced by Minase Inari)
  • Grace (voiced by I mean Black Black.)
  • Naomi (voiced by Imagine Hyuga)
  • Lola (voiced by Akira Uchida)
  • Lisa (voiced by Sawako Haha)
  • Enace (voiced by Sumire Uehill)
  • Mia (voiced by Files A)
  • Sumina Amano (voiced by Kaori Nazuka)

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