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AVA and the Half-World is a roguelite action video game developed and published by Bread Panda.


Face a horizon of forgotten myths, sunken relics, and mysterious creatures! Fly, shoot and explore your way up the Sidereal Riptide, a dark expanse of water and the cradle of infinite drifting islands.

Born in the heart of the Sidereal Riptide, AVA is destined to vanish with the rest of the world. Face the wind and sail onward, anchor down on any land you find, shoot down the creatures that arise and collect artifacts and knowledge to trace your path up to the end of the world.

With each expedition, the path becomes clearer, the Riptide evolves and harbors new uncharted islands.

An adventure that blends ultra satisfying 2D shooter, rewarding exploration and the thrill of roguelite endless possibilities.

Key Features

  • Sail Onward – As the world shatters and drifts, no one knows what lurks in the Riptide. Explore its many ways to find answers and unveil its mysteries further with each attempt. Inspired by roguelites and adventure games, each expedition is unique and comes with its lot of surprising events!
  • Discover Breathtaking Islands – Blast through stunning environments, each hand-made to be filled with spectacular events, challenging encounters and a dash of randomness. Take in the atmosphere of every island in the Riptide, brought to life with hand-drawn visuals and composed in a unique way to bring depth to every frame.
  • Take Aim of Your Fate – AVA is a nimble fighter who can fly and handle a multitude of weapons with their own behaviors. Defy gravity through intense encounters, run, fly and take aim to take down waves of enemies.
  • Face the Odds – Collect artifacts along the way and choose which to keep and which to return to the Riptide. Gather weapons, relics, and catalysts to forge your own fighting style. Measure up against dozens of ruthless bosses, chart your discoveries, and reach the end of the world.

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  • May 29, 2024

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