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Feb 2025
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Among the Stars, or Entre as Estrelas, is a side-scrolling action adventure video game developed and published by Split Studio.


Two sisters in search of a reunion. A tale of indigenous Brazil, from the Pantanal to the world.

Sisters Tai and Ari are separated after a violent attack on the indigenous community where they live.

Upon discovering that she has an unexpected connection with a spirit of nature, the Enchanted, little Ari is launched on a journey through the mysterious spirit world.

Ari then needs to learn a way to get back to her sister. To do this, she will have to strengthen her connection with the Enchanted.

Not knowing of her sisters whereabouts, Tai is sure that she is alive somewhere. Tired of all the destruction caused by land grabbers, she sets out to find Ari, facing dangers and enemies.

Among the stars. Two lives separated by violence. An exciting journey of reconnection and resistance.

Key Features

  • Traditional 2D animation, bringing characters to life in gameplay.
  • Elaborate and immersive cutscenes in 2D animation, in the best Split Studio style.
  • A very touching and human story.
  • Endearing characters.
  • A unique portrait of the Pantanal, and the Kadiweu and Guarani Kaiowa culture.
  • A story with fantastic elements, but inspired by real social conflicts in the Pantanal.
  • Different and powerful Pantanal animals, which unlock new abilities for movement, combat and puzzle solving.
  • Fluid and responsive action that allows the player to be immersed in the gameplay and story.
  • Immersive, epic, and engaging soundtrack.
  • An assortment of achievements for players to enjoy and collect.
  • Indigenous representation, both in the theme of the game and in the team behind the project.
  • A unique artistic education program to provide training and opportunities for indigenous artists to embark on a career in animation, starting in the game itself.

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