April Fools’ Day 2016 compilation

From Oppais to Bullet Boys and World of Wartrains.

Welcome to our annual April Fools’ Day post, where we gather all of the April Fools’ Day stories from across the internet and compile it into one, easy-to-read list.

Unless we report it outside of this post, anything you read online today or tomorrow that sounds too good to be true probably isn’t true.

Find our annual roundup of games-related jokes below. The list will be updated as new jokes arrive, so be sure to check back every so often.

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Added 4/1/16 at 8:00 p.m.

  • ArmA 3 – Introducing “Arma” Eau De Combat, the new fragrance for players.
  • No Man’s Sky‘s Sean Murray: “Long day coding, but so nice to see the microtransactions finally working.”
  • Wayforward: “You’ll Never Guess Who We’ve Got Lined Up For Our Next Adventure!” Hit the link to find out these mystery characters’ identities.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Wayforward

Added 4/1/16 at 2:30 p.m.:

  • Outlast: “Due to the considerable amount of backlash we received from concerned parental groups following the release of Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower, Red Barrels has made the decision to release Outlast II under an ESRB rating of E.”

    April Fools' Day 2016: Outlast

Added 4/1/16 at 12:10 p.m.

  • Aksys Games: “After focus group testing. Zero Time Dilemma has decided to go in a more family friendly direction. BEHOLD!”

    April Fools' Day 2016: Aksys Games

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: Upcoming sequel trading gold-and-black color scheme for pink-and-white. It’s the future.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

  • Game Informer: Read the latest issue of Game Infarcer, Game Informer’s annual April Fools’ Day pretend magazine.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Game Informer

  • Hearts of Iron IV: Game delayed to Q1 2017. After getting feedback, the team realized that it needs to add Dance Dance Revolution mat integration. “No longer are you simply a passive observer, you can instead march in real time (soundtrack will be replaced with 100% marching band music) with your soldiers towards Moscow! Not enough for you? We have also developed a revolutionary Bucket DLC System(tm) that lets you slosh through authentic pripyat swamp water*, mud and scorching hot sand (requires oven (not included)).”

Added 4/1/16 at 10:30 a.m.:

  • Bases Loaded: Bases Loaded VR announced, bringing up to date the game’s dated visuals in the most reminiscent way possible. “You can now immerse yourself in the professional baseball world packed with excitement with the special-purpose bat controller and VR goggles.”

    April Fools' Day 2016: Bases Loaded

  • CD Projekt RED: Coming soon for only $4.99, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s Roach downloadable content unlocked limited premium content—a horse you can finally identify with. Users who pre-order the content will receive an exclusive Roach sticker to stick on their gaming system.
  • Croteam: Serious Sam 4 cancelled, Serious Sam 5 announced, and will continue where never-released-and-prematurely-ended Serious Sam 4 left off. The new Serious Engine 5 can now render billions of square feet of sand with no noticeable dropout in frames per second.
  • Gust: Atelier Gust-chan announced.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Gust-chan

  • League of Legends – Happy Draven Day. This Draven Day, Draven’s replacing all champ heads with the only head approved by Draven: Draven’s (duh).
  • Nintendo LifeSplatoon Legends announced for 3DS.
  • Play-Asia: Introducing SafeGames, a new initiative designed to better serve the diverse community that is modern and progressive gamers and preserve the safety of its customers.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Play-Asia

  • Portal: Mel Stories: “”With the release of Portal Stories: VR closing in so soon, and after much consideration we’ve decided that it’s time for us to remove Portal Stories: Mel from Steam. We’ve carefully read through all the Steam reviews, and the 330 negative reviews we’ve received convinced us that we need to start with a clean slate.”
  • r/XboxOne: Introducing the Xbox One.Five. “In order to meet the demands of the current gamer generation, we wanted to create something so so powerful that consumers would never need another console again.”
  • Stronghold Kingdoms – Introducing Stronghold Kingdoms for the Nokia 3310. “Command peasants with controls redesigned for physical number pads.”
  • Takara Tomy: Wixoss vs. Zillions of Enemy X Cross Fighters card game coming April, year 2106.

    April Fools' Day: Takara Tomy

  • Team17: Introducing Worms: Dating Revolution. “The Worms are no stranger to war, but the time has come for them to take to the toughest battlefield of all. The battlefield of love.”

    April Fools' Day 2016: Team17

  • YouTube: Experience YouTube in SnoopaVision. That is, watch YouTube videos with Snoop Dogg sitting right beside you commenting.

Added 4/1/16 at 5:15 a.m.:

  • Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3: Announcing the Sonic game you’ve been waiting for: Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3. The trial version can be played in your browser.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3

  • Dark Souls III: Dark Souls: The Movie available on VHS on April 12. “A long time ago, in a world deep in the darkest ages, hellish fiends ruled over this land. But one man, will rise up, and raise a whole lotta hell. When you pick a fight with the devil, you’d better be stronger than hell!”

    April Fools' Day 2016: Dark Souls III

  • Playtonic: “We can confirm that due to budget constraints Yooka-Laylee will now be released exclusively for Sega Saturn.”
  • Warhorse Studios: Kingdom Come: Deliverance is coming to Super Nintendo.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Warhorse Studios

  • World of WarcraftHearthstone: The MMO announced.
  • World of Warcraft – Patch notes for the Legion Alpha.

Added 4/1/16 at 3:20 a.m.:

  • Ace Combat Wikia: Ace Combat Infinite Skies revealed for PlayStation 4. Revealed through a leak of Ace Combat Infinity data from Update 2.11 on March 31, 2016, and is currently scheduled for a May 30, 2016 release.
  • Battle Girls High School: Introducing Idol Girl After School, which requires 3D glasses.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Battle Girls High School

  • Digimon Linkz: Battle against an Eater from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Digimon Linkz

  • Final Fantasy XIV: Introducing ChocoGo, the all-new, 100% green, chocobo-driven transportation initiative that will be launching soon in a city near you.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Final Fantasy XIV

  • Google: This is cardboard. Only plastic. Google Cardboard Plastic combines everything you love about virtual reality headsets with everything you love about reality.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Google Cardboard Plastic

  • Happy Wars: Toylogic’s Happy Wars becomes Happy Love: Casual Dating Simulator for the Toylogic Portable (TLP) and Toylobox One.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Happy Wars

  • Humble Bundle: The Humble Indie Font Bundle.
  • IGN: Star Wars: Fury of Maul series announced, season one streaming on Netflix starting May 4.
  • Miitomo Twitter: “Good news. We might release an an Amiibo of myself, Tomoshiru Miide. I’m a little bit nervous, but I would like to show you the result!”

    April Fools' Day 2016: Miitomo Twitter

  • Monster-Hunter.fr: Monster Hunter Online confirmed for release in the west.
  • Omerta Code: Tycoon Kai: Announcing Omerta Code: Vampire Blood, due out for PS Vita on March 17, year 20,016.
  • Schoolgirl Strikers: Title changed to Schoolcats Strinyars, girls changed to cats.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Schoolgirl Strikers

  • SNK Playmore: “King of the Monsters returns in a monumental movie to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series!”

    April Fools' Day 2016: SNK Playmore

  • Splatoon: Nintendo to release a “Squid Booth” that allows for Splatoon mobile gaming. Buy two to have up to eight players play together on the go. Release date and price to be determined.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Splatoon

Added 4/1/16 at 12:40 a.m.:

  • @PSO2_na: A Twitter user has changed his/her username to @PSO2_na and is acting as “the official North American account for Phantasy Star Online 2.” It’s evil! Don’t fall for its lies!

    April Fools' Day: PSO2_na

  • Spike Chunsoft (EN): Introducing 999: Nine Coins, Nine Purses, Nine Bears The Novel. Starring Monokuma, upupupupu.

    April Fools' Day: Spike Chunsoft EN

  • Street Fighter V: It’s a Street Fighter and Tekken crossover merchandise website. Cash.com, for all your fighting mania.

    April Fools Day 2016: Street Fighter V

Added 3/31/16 at 11:40 p.m.:

Added at Press Time

  • 5pb.: Team Crow has hacked the 5pb. official website, now displaying products like “Steins;Gateboll,” “YO-NO,” and “Anonymous;Codaru.”

    April Fools' Daytime: 5pb.

  • Anonymous;Code: Official website hacked by Steins;Gate‘s Hashida Itaru, whose new project is “Anonymous;Codaru.”
  • Asahi Beer: Introducing the Asahi Beer Dreamcast Server. (Sega’s response.)

    April Fools' Day 2015: Asahi

  • Bel-Epi: It’s Fate/stay night‘s Saber, reborn in the world of Osomatsu-san. This is Saber-san.
  • Bravely Default: Another Bravely Default game, called Bravely Default: Burning Crow is in production.

    April Fools' Day 2015: Bravely Default

  • Bullet Girls: Production started on Bullet Boys, the male version of Bullet Girls that everybody asked for.

    April Fools' 2015: Bullet Boys

  • Godzilla: Something has happened to the Shin Godzilla website… Godzilla x Evangelion?!

    April Fools' Day 2015: Godzilla

  • Granblue Fantasy: A new mini-game called “Theatrhythm: Granblue Fantasy” is playable today within Granblue Fantasy. It has a fully-voiced story and nine songs.

    April Fools' Day 2015: Theatrhythm Granblue Fantasy

  • Nippon Ichi Software: The official website for PlayStation game Cooking Fighter Hao has been updated for the first time in 18 years.

    April Fools' Day 2015: Cooking Fighter Hao

  • Goodsmile: Introducing the Nendrone, the next generation flying figure from GoodSmile Company.

    April Fools' Day 2015: GoodSmile

  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd Evolution: Official website updated with retro new look.

    April Fools' Day 2015: The Legend of Heroes: The Trails in the Sky the 3rd Evolution

  • Miku Expo: Hatsune Miku is going to space. The 2039 Miku Expo will be a concert tour across seven planets.

    April Fools' Day 2015: Miku Expo 2039

  • Neko Works: Introducing… Neko VR.

    Aprils Fools' Day 2016: Neko Works

  • Nitroplus: A trailer for the TV anime “Tokyo Gurashi.” It’s like Gakkou Gurashi, but with Tokyo Necro characters.
  • Random: Armoed Core 6 coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC this October.

    April Fools' Day 2015: Random: Armored Core 6

  • Sony Japan: Introducing the “Proton Pack,” the world’s first ghost capture device.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Sony Japan

  • Sword Art Online: Code Register: Introducing Sword Art Online: Love Code Register, the Sword Art Online love adventure game you’ve always wanted.

    April Fools' Day 2016: Sword Art Online: Code Register

  • Taito: Taito has opened the official website for its new Aquamusement, its new game center and aquarium hybrid where you literally play arcade games underwater. Watch a 360-degree video here.
  • Uppers: Uppers is now Oppais. Now that’s how you get more pre-orders, Takaki!

    April Fools' Day 2015: Uppers

  • Type-Moon: The official website for Type-Moon looks a little… different. Fate/Grand Order also has a similar pattern.

    April Fools' Day 2015: Type-Moon

  • Vooks.net: Introducing Sleepio, the next smartphone application from Nintendo following Miitomo.

    April Fools' Day 2015: Vooks

  • Wargaming Japan: Introducing Wargaming Japan’s next title, World of Wartrains.

    April Fools' Day 2015: Wargaming

  • War Thunder: War Thunder adds sailing fleet battles.
  • World of Warships: New update adds bathtub-themed map complete with rubber duckies.

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